I create Constructed Languages or “Conlangs” as they are known plus I invent writing systems to use with those Conlangs. I publish the writing systems as fonts and make them available for use by other Conlangers, Roleplayers, Worldbuilders or whomever might find enjoyment playing with them. I also cover news concerning real world languages, other people’s efforts at Conlanging, and constructed languages in the media.

I have created one constructed language and writing system for a BBC Children’s TV show still in the planning stages, and one language and writing system for a Pen and Paper Roleplaying game called The Nuadan Chronicles, which recently ran a successful Kickstarter.

The Nuadan Chronicles is a new pen and paper roleplaying game created by Broken Dice Games

I am working on my own constructed language design of course, but I have a bad habit of getting sidetracked developing new writing systems – which is of course great for anyone who is interested in using them.

You can find out more about the individual fonts I have made available by visiting my Patreon Page, where they are available for download, and where you can sponsor me for $1 per month.

You can also follow me as ThatFontGuy on Instagram , Twitter, and TwitchTV.